>> Tuesday, June 8, 2010

not me, that's for sure. i look in the mirror and all i can think is "man, when did i get so big?"

in other news, the title more meant what this post would be: small.

the car is almost completely packed for austin. we're just down to those "odds-and-ends" that need to get thrown in. basically, we're ready to go. i know mentally, at this point, i'm ready to go. let's get this show on the road, folks.

our bedroom is spotless. i cleaned all our bedding today, washed all the laundry, vacuumed, and dusted. i'm lucky i didn't send myself into preterm labor with all those braxton hicks (i'm bad, i know. 24 weeks is not baked, baby!) needless to say, i love coming home to a clean room. it is one of my favorite things; maybe it's because it makes me think someone prepared a place for me. (god knows that i am going to love heaven. He actually has prepared a place for me.. or so i hope!) i just remembered that i didn't wash grace's bedding. that might be on the "to-do" list in the morning. scrupulous, i know. but i enjoy it, nonetheless.

the sunset tonight was beautiful. there was this beautiful peach glow that cast itself over us at the foot of the catalina mountains. i stepped outside for a few minutes to enjoy it, considered fetching my camera, and then decided that it was just one of those things to "let be". so i enjoyed it, and went back to life.

that's it for the day. that was my day.

assuming the laptop manages to be packed, you'll hear from me soon. otherwise, until sunday, peace.


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this blog wasn't intended to always be happy or true. it was, however, made to be honest -- an honest expression of my beliefs, my feelings, and what I know to be the Truth. it'll be snarky, sarcastic, and put just as i see the world: might not always be pleasant, but neither is life. i hope that from reading this, i can help you walk through an unopened door and help you see things from my walk of life.

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my beautiful daughter, grace anne; this next baby who i hope to love just as much; my husband, who is my strength and inspiration to carry on; my mother and father, who taught me to embrace what i know is right, to love, and to always be the woman God intended me to be; all my siblings, who show me what good the occasional sacrifice, often annoyance, and frequent laughter is.

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