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>> Friday, June 4, 2010

we have almost completed our son's clothing stash for the first year of life. between hand-me-downs from Matthew, my leftover gender-neutral clothes from Grace, diaperswappers, and a great children's resale store in Oro Valley, we're about ready to go.

i am the queen bee of resale. i love it. i could do it every day of my life, assuming whatever i'm buying always costs less than five dollars (unless it's wool. i buy that infrequently, and it costs more around $20, but it acts as a diaper cover too, so i don't feel so bad. that, and it's radically adorable. see, adorable.)

those are some gender-neutral longies that i bought for grace. they're knit out of a merino wool and double as a diaper cover. really. underneath them is a prefold with snappi, and she's hangin out free. it's pretty brilliant actually. she gets the warmth and breathability of wool, without the bulk; all while looking so cute. they're nice and roomy, so she'll be in them for a while. I LOVE THESE LONGIES.

anyways, back to the thrifty-ness. yesterday we went to a children's resale boutique and found some great steals. we got GAP and Old Navy pants for our son - pants that normally cost $15-$30, for $4 each. hallelujah much? they're perfect; i can't even tell that they were worn. we bought Grace an adorable purple dress for the wedding next week - a dress that would normally cost $40, i'm guessing - $5.

so, in 4 months, when you see pictures of my son in these really cute outfits - you know where they came from. THRIFT. my target bill is officially going to disappear. and it's nice, since i'm getting way more in great conditions, for atleast half the price.

our baby boy's stash... newborn longies, courdroys, jeans, khakis... long sleeved onesies and sweaters and kimono tops... coveralls... we're all set.

thank God.


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