>> Monday, June 7, 2010

so we're going to austin this weekend for a wedding, and while i am really excited for the actual wedding - i am not so enthused about getting there. after all, grace is nine months old, bottle fed, and cloth diapered. that equivilates to: all our bottles, most of the diapers, all the covers, bleach, vinegar, quarters for laundry, and a wetbag.

while i have read that cloth diapering on the road can be a hassle (but is really not that bad, most moms admit), i am hoping that the system i am building in my trunk will be adequate to provide for all our CDing needs. two wetbags on standby. a tote with bleach, vinegar, borax, baby wipes. a completely stocked diaper bag. oh, and i'm planning on bringing all the covers, all our soakers, all our premium prefolds, and half the regular prefolds. that will equate to: three Thirsties, one wool cover, a pair of longies, 8 soakers, 10 premiums, and 15 regulars. god help me.

i think every other day will be laundry day for the diapers. i am prepared to do them anywhere - i can clean them in a sink, in a tub, in a washing machine --- i can clean them anywhere! (i feel like dr. seuss)

oh, and that's just for the diapers. mind you, we also need to bring the bebepod (like a bumbo, except way cooler..), the packnplay, toys galore for neverending entertainment, formula and bottles... AH! packing for a baby is going to be the death of me.

luckily chris and i can pack light. really, all we need is his suit, my bridesmaids dress (and shoes, and strapless bra...), some casual dress clothes for the rehearsal, swimsuits (because you know we're going to be in the water every chance we get) and clothes to drive in. piece of cake. plus the toiletries. plus the snack foods and cooler.

and if you're wondering how in god's name all this will fit in my tiny ford taurus, have no fear. a family member has been so kind to loan us their nice, big, safe lexus.

there is light at the end of this tunnel, self. there's a wedding and friends and reunions and love! have hope; it's only a fourteen hour drive (plus all the stops we have to make for grace..)

i'm excited. it's going to be a new and interesting and (hopefully) fun adventure. pray for us - for safe travels and sanity.

peace and love.


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