my baby is a fish, and mommy is an idiot

>> Sunday, June 6, 2010

well, i just figured something out. please don't laugh: now i know why i would've failed chemistry. while i don't think any harm came from my experiment the other day, to make my diapers smell-free, i did just learn that mixing bleach and vinegar can create chlorine gas... which can not only cause chemical burn to eyes and lungs, but also flat-out kill a person.

so that's my lesson in stupidity this week.

in other news, today we got in the pool. grace has so far enjoyed the adventures of the baby pool; today she got to enjoy the big pool. she had a blast. we lathered her up with sunscreen, put her in a swim diaper and her little swimsuit, threw on a hat --- and spent an hour enjoying the sun. the water was as warm as a bath; it was 105 degrees outside; it was glorious.

and then, to top it all off, grace and i came inside, showered, i popped a bottle in her mouth, and she's been asleep for almost an hour now. thank god.

that's all for today. i am exhausted.. chugging down the water...



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