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>> Sunday, June 13, 2010

there wasn't really a bank robbery. the bride only thought there was --- and in her pre-wedding insanity, made absolutely certain that no one was dying. turns out it was just some men tiling the floor.  listen, i can sympathize: at one point, i too was a bride, and i was certain that someone was going to kill me and ruin the whole thing.

austin was wonderful. it was like a breath of fresh air --- much needed, and much deserved. through all wedding chaos (and trust me: there is always a fair bit of it), it was a great time to spend with some good friends and my little family. despite the nearly thirty hours of driving that took place over the course of four days, it was still well-worth it and much appreciated. being able to go out with women, alone, without little gracie attached to my hip for a night was fantastic. i guess i hadn't realized how much i was aching to just be with friends.

cloth diapering on the road was not even remotely disastrous. i was delighted, to say the least. it was easy, normal, and comfortable for all involved. part of me thinks it might've been for the very best, since we didn't have to deal with any rashes or welts --- just regular diaper changes with the usual routine. every change just went into the wetbag, and the night before we left, i soaked them first in vinegar/borax, rinsed, then in bleach. there were no foul smells, no leaks --- just a happy baby and mommy (and daddy, too, if you're wondering.) poopy diapers always happened somewhere where they could be dealt with (THANK GOD!) i mean, i couldn't tell in the slightest that we had wet diapers in the car. it was great.

so, overall, it was fantastic. it was a great weekend spent with those i love --- both my husband and daughter, as well as a beautiful bride and many good friends. it was a weekend with lessons --- from how to cloth diaper on the go, to how to comfort a bride (and that, i could write a book about)... it was good.

so, on that note, time to watch Mulan...


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